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Yield Management’s prime objective is to provide unsurpassed client service. This governs all of our business dealings with each and every client. Our ongoing success is determined by our clients’ financial success, and by their satisfaction in all aspects of their interaction with our company.


Our analysts and market intelligence specialists are constantly working to uncover extraordinary opportunities in the small and micro-cap sectors of the stock market. Throughout market history, this is the prime area to find “home run” investments. The key is selectivity, and this sector in particular requires thorough in-depth research and analysis, both on a company and industry level, to isolate those special situations with extraordinary upside potential.

Opportunities within the small and micro-cap sectors can be found in many places: a junior biotech with a new cancer drug, a tech start-up with a ground breaking technology, a mining company with a rich mineral deposit, and many other disruptive innovators. Often external forces, be they economic, environmental, political, or industrial, evolve to propel a formally under-the-radar company into the spotlight.

The corporate finance department at Yield Management Inc. are regularly presented with various junior companies looking for growth capital and assistance and sponsorship in going public. Most candidates are judged to be too speculative for our purposes, however on occasion, Yield Management discovers an exciting junior company that meets our rigid criteria of strong management, a solid business model and excellent growth prospects. In these instances, we undertake to participate in an Initial Public Offering with great enthusiasm.
Timely opportunities can be found in many areas of the market, and our research and market intelligence experts keep a close eye out for special situations where our clients can make money. Yield Management Inc. is always on the lookout for attractive turnaround situations, companies with lucrative discoveries, unrecognized emerging growth situations and IPO’s with great potential for success.
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