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A Global View

Given the rapid globalization of our world, the Yield Management Research and Market Intelligence team look for opportunities for our clients to make money in all corners of the world. They keep a close eye on companies in sectors that offer above average performance and continuously monitor geopolitical and macro-economic events to uncover hidden gems before the rest of the market. They think outside-the-box to spot trends ahead of the crowd which is often where one finds the greatest percentage returns.

Markets go up and down, but we remain committed to our long term optimistic view. Furthermore, seasoned investment professionals know that economic and market downturns provide investment opportunities and our clients benefit especially in such tricky times from the multifaceted background of our professional team, their wealth of knowledge and cumulative years of experience.

In the wake of the 2008 stock market meltdown, which saw shares plummet to extremely undervalued levels, a period of extraordinary recovery potential emerged in 2009. Despite the banking and credit crisis that accompanied the general economic recession, prompting many pundits to forecast total collapse and a deep recession, this nascent recovery propelled share prices sharply higher across selected industries, particularly the commodity sectors including energy, metals and other sectors that had been decimated by the global financial crisis. Fundamentals prevailed and the system did not collapse. And while serious hurdles remain in the way of a rapid return to a healthy rate of global economic growth for all, the emerging economies have led the way toward recovery by underpinning global demand and prices for all manner of commodities. YM research and market intelligence identifies those market sectors that emerge as leaders in the ongoing recovery, and focuses its efforts on identifying those companies which can be expected to achieve outstanding performance during these volatile times.


Yield Management takes a disciplined approach to investment selection. The research and market intelligence specialists start with a top-down view, and then filter subsequent investment candidates through a rigid screen of set fundamental analysis parameters. Traders review the short list with an eye on technical analysis and an ear to the word on the street after which new recommendations may be presented to our clientele.

Each month, YM publishes a compendium of economic and investment views that have been distilled from our ongoing research and market intelligence activities. This monthly report focuses on relevant topics that our analysts judge to be particularly noteworthy at that time, such as early detection of emerging trends, or our analysis of long term “big picture” trends and their relevance to certain investment sectors or even specific companies or investments. Clients can expect to see timely analysis of economic developments, stock market performance, industry trends and, when appropriate, portfolio balancing advice.

The purchase of foreign stocks entails the assumption of a degree of foreign exchange (FOREX) risk, which is in addition to the normal investment risk when buying any stock. The exchange rate between any two currencies can fluctuate significantly over time, having a positive or negative effect on overall performance of the foreign investment security held. Placing a FOREX hedge allows one to manage, or mitigate, foreign exchange risk.

Carried out properly, FOREX hedging can be a valuable tool for managing such risk but, if such hedging is not implemented properly, it can result in unexpected investment losses.

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