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Yield Management Inc. has one single-minded focus:

Ensuring that our clients have the best information available and using this information to help our clients make intelligent financial decisions to achieve superior investment returns. In pursuit of these aims, management and staff are committed to the highest level of excellence in research and analysis, trade execution, administration and client service. We judge our success by the only true measure of success – the satisfaction and investment performance of our growing clientele.

At Yield Management Inc. “Your Financial Success is Our Mutual Goal”.


Principles matter. In all our dealings, both with clients and with our network of professionals in the global investment community, we adhere to the highest stands of ethics, discipline and transparency. Principles of long term wealth preservation are always balanced with current opportunities for capital gain, and the principles of diversification are balanced against the financial inefficiencies of spreading oneself too thin. Bottom line, Yield Management maintains a disciplined focus on capital growth and asset protection.

Yield Management Inc. believes in top-down research and analysis. We start by identifying the most vibrant and promising sectors through macro-economic analysis and assessing global trends in the financial markets and business community. We are optimistic about the prospects for long term growth in the global economy as people worldwide strive for a healthier and higher standard of living, especially in emerging economies, which account for more than half the global population. Regardless of the ups and downs of the markets, Yield Management recognizes that there are always sectors with greater upside potential, and we know from experience that patience and selectivity are the keys to long term success in the stock market.

Through in-house experts and a global network of investment professionals, Yield Management brings the highest level of expertise to all facets of investment selection. The Company’s investment committee meets regularly to review all potential investment opportunities, and consider them against a background of economic and geopolitical developments in determining the merits of selected recommendations. Our advisory team is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, including investment banking, institutional trading, and hedge fund management. Their varied background includes expertise in the emerging economies of Asia and South America, where 21st Century economic and industrial development is unfolding in a paradigm-changing trajectory.

At Yield Management, we welcome new employees who possess the key attributes of success: knowledge, intellectual curiosity, integrity, commitment and a desire for personal and professional growth. We are always on the lookout for individuals who are aggressive, goal-oriented and team players. Yield Management nurtures a culture of diversity, collaboration and professionalism, and we reward our people commensurate with their success. Whether you are oriented towards a career in Research and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Trading or working directly with clients as an Investment Advisor, we want to hear from you. Please send us a cover letter and your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to us via the Contact Us page.
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