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Small Cap and Micro Cap Stocks

Our analysts and market intelligence specialists are constantly working to uncover extraordinary opportunities in the small and micro-cap sectors of the stock market.

IPO Opportunities

The corporate finance department at Yield Management Inc. are regularly presented with various junior companies looking for growth capital and assistance and sponsorship in going public.

Guiding clients toward Timely Opportunities

Timely opportunities can be found in many areas of the market, and our research and market intelligence experts keep a close eye out for special situations where our clients can make money.


At Yield Management Inc., we take great pride in using our financial know-how to help our clients achieve their life’s aspirations. We take an objective perspective on investing to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth and consider our corporate success completely dependent on our clients’ success. Our Research and Market Intelligence Department based in Japan, benefits from years of global experience and extensive networks of contacts, which keeps us ahead of the competition with important industry developments and evolving investment opportunities. Cutting edge technology in our Tokyo office gives us an edge in your trade execution. Learn more about our investment philosophy and commitment to excellence at getting to know us.


All Yield Management personnel know that taking care of our clients is at the core of everything we do. The relationship between a Yield Management client and his or her advisor is the foundation of private-investor wealth creation. Advisors work closely with every new client to develop a personalized investment plan which is the basis for all investment decision-making and the benchmark for measuring success. Our long term clientele know that wherever they are in the world, the lines of communication with their YM Advisors are always open. Our back office and administrative support team are organized and attentive, to keep things running smoothly. Our clients always come first and that is our bottom line. Feel free to read some of our recent customer reviews.


Once you have made the decision to work together with a Yield Management Investment Advisor, you can get started with three simple steps. First of all, take a moment to complete your New Account Form. Secondly, your YM Investment Advisor will review the information you have completed and ask you several questions to get to know your investment objectives and risk tolerances. Third, you fund your account with a bank or online wire transfer.

Ancient wisdom teaches that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Take the first step towards financial security and peace of mind today by filling out your Yield Management New Account Form, which can be downloaded by clicking on this button:


Here is what Our Clients think about us
Peter L.Málaga, Spain
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As a former CEO of a large manufacturing company, I can tell you as well as anyone – if you want to deal with the smartest guys in the room, call Yield Management. Otherwise, you might as well head to Monaco and have some fun.
Jeremy K.Taipei, Taiwan
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I realize I’m not Yield Managements only client, but whenever I talk to my advisor it really feels like I am. They’re always there when I need them. It’s such a relief.
Bill D., Dar Salaam,Tanzania
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As a mining engineer, I’ve lived all over the world. My investments were scattered everywhere, my finances were healthy but a mess.Yield Management helped me consolidate everything and put an organized, long term investment plan in place for me. They really understand the special needs of expats.
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